Apple turnover on a wooden board. They have been made with puff pastry, apples and rumpunch. Behind the apple turnovers is our ceylon cinnamon, apples and a bottle of Rum Babs.

Apple turnover recipe

Nothing beats a sweet, lukewarm apple turnover! And that's exactly what this recipe will teach you to make. Off course we have pimped this version with some Rum Babs' Vanilla, Banana, Ginger, Cinnamon flavor.
We love it! Let us know what you think!
Ingredients needed for 4 persons :
- 4 apples (we decided to use pink lady as they have a good acidity, sweetness balance. Using this apple also allowed us to reduce the amount of sugar needed.)
- 4 spoons of white sugar
- 3 spoons of Rum Babs' Vanilla, Banana, Ginger, Cinnamon flavor
- 1 stick of cinnamon (preferably Ceylon cinnamon as it is softer. If you can only find cassia cinnamon, make sure to cut the stick in half)
- 1 puff pastry dough (can be made yourself but we decided to take the easy road with this one)
- 1 spoon of butter
- 1 egg
Follow the recipe step by step below.
1 / Wash and peel the apples, remove the seeds.
2 / Cut the apples into small bits.
3 / Crank up the heat to medium and add the butter and apples into a sauté or sauce pan. 
4 / Add in the sugar, the rhum and the cinnamon stick.
5 / The best is to cover the pan with a lid so that they stay moist and slowly get soft. If you notice the juices running out before the apples are soft add some water.
6 / Continue to sauté the apples until they are soft. If at this stage you prefer smaller apple parts, you can mush them with a fork. 
7 / Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.
8 / Take out your puff pastry though and cut into 4 equal parts. 
9 / Disperse the apples on the puff pastry.
10/ Fold the puff pastries and apply some egg wash (eggyolk + water) to the pastries. 
11/ Place in the preheated oven until golden brown. Around 30 minutes should be ok.
12 / Leave to rest until lukewarm
Enjoy, take a picture and mention us: @rumbabs #rumbabs
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